After Corona VS After Black Death 2021Autumn

After Corona VS After Black Death 2021Autumn

After Corona VS After Black Death 2021Autumn

After Corona VS After Black Death 2021Autumn

Oil prices will recover, the virus can be eradicated, but the labor force participation rate is far more difficult to recover. The U.S. labor force participation rate declined below 62% and stagnated to rise.

According to the Japanese historical data, a labor force participation rate lower than 62% means people are aging and society lose enough "desire" for economic growth with inflation.

If the United States is trapped in Japanization, a lower unemployment rate means nothing. Japan has a historically low unemployment rate and a historically low labor force participation rate at the same time. In that situation, Many policymakers tried to manage the economy, only to fail the economic growth with inflation, like walking deeper into the dark forest.

What we should do, for now, is to keep the data for someone in fear of a no-growth economy. This will be our responsibility and the best contribution to other aging nations.

It is the problem of labor force participation rate, the rate of the young working-age people against the non-working people. The historical impact of the COVID-19 is not the pandemic itself. It is the serious damage to the demographics. Sooner or later, people will see the after-COVID world is totally different from the before-COVID world.